Embrace Hygge This Winter


The main thing to know about hygge is that it’s just a feeling. That’s all. It’s the feeling you have when you don’t wish you were somewhere else, or with someone else, or had something more or something different or something better. It’s a time when your heart is so completely filled with peace and contentment that there’s no room for anything else.

You cannot buy hygge or own hygge or follow ten steps to get it.

Hygge sneaks up on you when you clear your mindand revel in a lovely visit with a friend or treasure sitting quietly with a cup of coffee that’s just right. It’s not gratitude, though gratitude always helps. Hygge is a warmth that melts worry and anxiety while your heart and mind are right there glowing in that moment. We all have hygge in our lives right now, but we can only appreciate it when we stop to recognize it.