Price does not include shipping, handling, packing, storage, local delivery, uncrating or installation. 
We are happy to arrange shipping for all orders via one of our pre-qualified carriers. Charges for this service are billed to the customer proforma and must be paid before items are shipped. Shipping costs are not included in the checkout total and will be invoiced separately once we have your specific shipping details.  All applicable taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Prices are subject to change without notice and should be checked with your sales representative before ordering.

Production estimates are given at the time an order is confirmed.  They are based on production schedules at the time an order is placed.  Lead times also depend on the timely receipt of all finish specifications and custom dimension (if applicable) from the client.  All orders are produced individually by hand; therefore, delays may occur in manufacturing, especially with custom orders.  The precise time of production and delivery is not a condition of sale nor is purchase refundable is shipping date cannot be met.

Dimensions may vary slightly from those specified since all items are handmade and hand assembled.  We reserve the right to improve upon any of our designs or finishes without prior notice.  The natural materials used in our designs will always vary in exact size, shade, texture, and pattern, creating a truly unique piece. The natural materials used in our designs are fragile and subject to breakage; please handle with care.  Failure to exercise appropriate care when handling the natural materials used to manufacture the product may result in damage or breakage for which Claire Crowe Collection expressly disclaims any warranty or liability therefrom.    

Sample patina and paint finishes supplied will show general direction of finishes.  The finish processes of paint and patina are subject to various factors such as weather, exact metal composition and humidity.  Exact color matching or exact replication of textural detail is not guaranteed.  The photos give a close representation of the true appearance of these finishes; however, the various elements of time, touch, and climate work together with the various metals to create a unique hue.  Each piece then, distinctly reflects its surroundings.