TERMS & Conditions


All designs are the property of Claire Crowe Collection.  We reserve the exclusive right to produce these designs. 

Designs using natural materials or glass are not recommended for working fireplaces.  These designs may withstand mild heat exposure such as temperatures produced from gas log fire places; however, to ensure the safety of your screen while the fireplace is in use, the user should keep the screen at a minimum distance of at least twenty inches from the source of heat when the gas logs are in use.   Most designs can be customized in regard to size and metal finishes.  Some designs are available in a selection of other natural materials. Please inquire about options in regard to natural materials for individual designs.

These designs are exclusively owned by Claire Crowe Collection and are protected under U.S. copyright laws.  Claire Crowe Collection designs may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Claire Crowe.  Claire Crowe retains the rights to photographs and drawings of any work produced for use in our portfolio.  Photographs of Claire Crowe Collection products may not be used by other manufacturers without our permission.