Every room whispers a story in the world of interior design. Discovering that story means tapping into that creativity and honing your eye for design. It’s all an art form that balances aesthetics, functionality, and personal expression.

With a few of our favorite tricks, you can create interiors that look magazine-worthy, reflect your style, and fit your everyday life like a glove. Consider the following interior design tips and tricks for every space.

Consider the Room’s Purpose and Desired Atmosphere

Your first job is to have a heart-to-heart with your space. What vibe are you aiming for? A serene, Zen-like retreat for your bedroom, or perhaps a buzzing, energized atmosphere for your home office? Understanding a room’s function is step one, but don’t just stop there.

Imagine how you want to feel the moment you step foot into it. Do you want to feel a warm hug after a long day or a burst of creativity for your next big project? Once you’ve got that figured out, you’re not just decorating a room; you’re crafting an experience.

Select a Cohesive Color Palette

The right color palette sets the tone for everything else. Think of your room as a canvas where colors play a key role in bringing your vision to life. You don’t have to stick to just one or two colors; instead, consider a range of hues that complement each other and create a harmonious flow throughout the space.

Maybe you prefer serene blues and greens for a calming effect or vibrant yellows and oranges to energize a room? Perhaps a chic monochromatic scheme for a touch of elegance? Whatever you choose will be the foundation of your room’s personality.

Pay Attention to the Scale and Proportion of Furnishings

Picture this: You’ve found the most beautiful, oversized, plush sofa you adore. It looks fantastic in the showroom, but once you bring it home, it overwhelms the space, leaving little room for anything else.

Conversely, pieces that are too small can make a space feel disjointed and sparse as if the furniture is floating on an ocean of floor. The key is to find a balance. Consider the size of the room and choose pieces that fit comfortably, allowing for ease of movement and adequate space between items.

Use Furniture and Décor To Direct the Flow of Movement

The layout of your space isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a silent guide that directs how you and your guests meander through your home. Think of your living room; positioning sofas and chairs in a welcoming, semi-circular formation invites conversation and creates a cozy gathering spot.

Or consider the strategic placement of a beautiful, vintage console table along a hallway, adding character and subtly encouraging a pause to admire photos or artwork. This approach is about creating an environment where the space between destinations is just as significant as the rooms themselves.

With these interior design tips and tricks for every space, you can turn your home into a reflection of your unique taste and lifestyle. At Claire Crowe Collection, we have a selection of artisanal home décor comprised of gorgeous metalwork, ready to add that perfect final touch to your space.