Everything you choose for a room should have a unique distinction. We are happy to play a part in bringing that vision to life and celebrate all the makers who create stunning products. Take a peek at a few of our favorite sources of inspiration below.

We love this House table from McEwen Lighting Studio. This shade is comprised of die cut mica discs and copper rivets, on a base of copper pipes, with an etched Lucite diffuser and steel hardware. The perfect finishing touch to any room that needs warmth, and modern flair.

What's better than the beauty of nature as a centerpiece? With this hand sculpted molten glass statement piece from Studio Bel Vetro formed into 23 antlers with 24k gold leaf tips. 4 magnificent tiers. 45"dia. Polished brass solid hardware construction.

A classic with a twist. Pottery has been used as a staple for décor for more than a millennia. We love these organic yet precise wheel-thrown ceramic sculptures from ER Studio LA.  

Our leaf mirror is constructed of individual leaves assembled imperfectly, yet pleasingly, around the frame and it is finished with a verdigris patina.  The mirror shown measures 12” diameter with a convex mirror; overall diameter 23”. 

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