Creating an inviting and elegant ambience in your living space begins with finding the perfect screen for your fireplace. With the many styles, materials, and designs available, selecting the right fireplace screen is akin to selecting a piece of art.

You must consider both function and beauty to truly complement your space’s luxurious decor. To add that final, exquisite touch to your fireplace, take a look at some tips that will help you measure your hearth for the perfect fireplace screen.

Measure Height and Width

The first step involves meticulously measuring the height and width of your fireplace. Start with the width, capturing the full breadth of the opening from one side to the other at the widest point. This measurement is crucial, as it dictates the expanse your screen will need to cover to prevent sparks and embers from getting out into your living space.

Subsequently, measure the height from the base of the hearth to the very top of the opening. This will determine the screen’s stature, ensuring a perfect guard against wayward flames.

Consider Clearance

The space surrounding your fireplace should be a sanctified enclave, free from clutter to allow the screen to command its presence with dignity and grace. Think of this clearance as the frame around an exquisite piece of art—it’s essential in showcasing the masterpiece within. By allocating a generous buffer, you gracefully marry form and function, allowing for ample airflow while preventing any dangerous contact with the radiant flames.

Account for Overlap

In the realm of fireplace elegance, the nuanced detail of screen overlap can’t be overlooked. When accounting for overlap, aim for at least an inch on all sides to provide a thoughtful margin that ensures embers are contained securely within the hearth’s embrace.

This overlap also serves an aesthetic purpose, framing the flickering flames and adding a layer of depth and intrigue to your fireplace’s visage. It’s a subtle art, balancing the functional need for safety with the desire for a visually captivating hearth.

Check for Uneven Surfaces or Irregular Shapes

When selecting the perfect fireplace screen, you can’t overlook the architectural nuances of the fireplace itself. Uneven surfaces or irregular shapes present a unique challenge, demanding a degree of sophistication and precision in measurement.

For example, if you’re measuring an arched fireplace, begin with a midpoint measurement of the height and width, followed by multiple measurements at various points along the curve. This process yields an average measurement that ensures your screen fits snugly against the hearth, eliminating any potential gaps or awkward angles. Similarly, if your fireplace has uneven edges or protrusions, you’ll want to take multiple measurements and account for the largest width and height.

Once you’re done measuring for your fireplace screen, the most helpful tip we can offer is to double-check your measurements. When you’ve perfected the numbers, you can embark on a mission to find a screen that’s not just a safety feature but also an expression of your refined style.

At Claire Crowe Collection, we offer a gorgeous selection of custom fireplace screens hand-crafted to imbue modern elegance and nature’s beauty right into your home.