One of the most dynamic and versatile pieces that are available at Claire Crowe Collection is our one of a kind Butterfly wall décor, as seen here in this example by Jenkin's Interiors.  

Each butterfly is unique, no two are the same. This is because each butterfly is handcrafted and individually sculpted for the piece. However, that's not the only thing that makes this wall décor stand out.

Butterfly array

While the piece does come with a standard temple to use on site during installation, the template is not essential to the process. This is because the piece can be arranged in a multitude of different compositions, allowing it to be molded to the space in a way that makes sense for the room as a whole. 

Butterfly Wal Decor Split
Butterfly Cluster

Installation is easy as well, each sculpture arrives with the aforementioned template to ensure all pieces can be easily positioned, spaced and installed. The installation is prepared for sheet rocks walls, with a drill and step ladder as the only installation requirements for most sites.

One advantage of having the installation be so customizable is that even though the dimensions of the piece may vary slightly due to the nature of it being handmade, these components are also forgiving and difficult to mess up.

Butterfly sprawl

So have fun with the installation. It is suggested that the template is laid out on the ground with all components before taped to the wall for installation. This way you will have a visual representation of the actual composition before putting the first hole in the wall.

Butterfly Staircase

This wall sculpture is an organic process, it lives as not just an accessory to the space that it's put in, but as a dynamic and malleable work of art that highlights the very structure and architecture of the space it's in.