Creating a a digital concept starts in Claire’s sketchbook. She refines the drawing, and programs the design, playing with scale and experimenting with movement and reflection. Local metalworkers then cut the prototypes and eventually the final versions of the new fire screens.

Claire sketching

We love working with metal. It’s so versatile and inherently beautiful. Each piece that is created is made by hand and starts its life as raw steel, brass, copper or bronze before it is transformed to become the piece you receive. The two main ways a piece comes to life is via hand-wrought metal manipulation, where the metal is heated and hand formed into the shape you see and the second is via a high heat laser that cuts complex patterns through solid steel to allow unique shapes to come through. The hand work of each piece leads to subtle differences in size of the elements or how they are bent or textured which makes each one truly one-of-a-kind. 

Fig Leaf Firescreen

After being fabricated, each piece is delicately hand painted with a heat-resistant finish which allows for the subtle variations in color which makes it unique.