I love creating pieces that help elevate, brighten and bring a home together. Whether I am creating my own space or helping a client with their’s, I try to live by these five decor rules or what I like to call my Decor Cheat Sheet.

What does your Decor Cheat Sheet look like?


home décor

Having the right combination of natural and artificial light brings a space to life. Don’t underestimate the value of a well-placed lamp to not only add a functional element but a decorative focal piece as well.


Don’t be afraid to mix complementary patterns. Have your space reflect your personality.


decor cheat sheet

Be bright, bold and vibrant if you want your space to stimulate.  Or be serene and subtle if that’s your desire. Every space in your home should make you happy.

Space Plan

Make sure your home works for you. While you want it to be beautiful, it also needs to function with your lifestyle.


home décor cheat sheet

Measuring and size proportions are key to building a cohesive design. All of the pieces in a room need to work together and fit to make the space comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. No one wants a crowded or empty feeling room.