From Lily Stems to Butterflies, Claire Crowe Collection found its inspiration in the wonders of mother nature to create the most unique and luxury metal art pieces for our fireplace screens and wall sculptures, providing any interior an original and fascinating look.

Branches, flowers, and small creatures are part of the inspiration to bring nature indoors and create the best in metal sculptures. The Lily Stems Fireplace Screen from our Classic Collection is one of the pieces that represent our brand signature, whose design consists of individually formed leaves and stems.

Last but not least, the Ginkgo Wall Sculpture is the ultimate design from our wall decor collection. The piece brings art and nature together in space to create an illusion of floating leaves that appear to be suspended in mid-air. This is a masterpiece perfect for large-scale wall installations. 

At Claire Crowe Collection, we are very passionate about art, design, and the fine craftsmanship of our hand-crafted metal artwork. That’s why our goal is to continue creating unique and stunning fireplace accessories and wall décor that provides the warm feel of nature that many people look to incorporate into their living spaces.