Meet some of our team members who make our artisan metalwork designs possible. For Claire, joy and a sense of ease is paramount to a culture of creativity. Her business philosophy requires a supportive and cooperative crew, and that's who we are and the essence of who we strive to be, as a team, every day. 

Our studio is home to designers, local craftspeople, and a dedicated team passionate about creating metal art and accessories that clients will love. Our days begin with good coffee and end with satisfaction for having worked with local makers and creatives to build pieces that will stand the test of time and bring joy to generations.

We are a small team, but we are dedicated to ensuring every piece is carefully crafted and beautifully made. Outside of our founder Claire Crowe, we have a talented team of women who work diligently every day. 

We count on the exceptional digital skills of our Marketing Project Manager (Kayla Azar); the ingenuity of our Art Director for Marketing & Product Designer (Emily Fried), the commitment of our Fabrication and Logistics Specialist (Kristen Walter), and the persistence of our Lead Sales Director (Andrea Jones).

We create design sketches for our fireplace screens and wall décor at our studio located in the Dallas Design District. We then move into digital drawing and fabrication, which involves many touches before the piece is brought to life. The look of luxury that weathers time and trend is what we are going for, and old world ironwork techniques in paint application and patina help us achieve this goal. 

After being fabricated, our pieces are carefully hand painted with a layered finish intended to add depth and character. This process allows slight variations in color to create a unique piece of metal artwork.

A certain magic happens in the creative process.  It gives people connection to one another as pieces, many times touched in the creation process, pass from one to another.  We love playing a part in this process and feel grateful for the change to accentuate simple pleasures in the everyday.  Making is about heart and creativity, touching the end product with something truly human and bringing a touch of life to any setting.