We start with a sketch then bring it to life.

The design process for our artisan-made fireplace screens and wall sculptures begins in the imagination. We start with a hand-drawn sketch and play with ideas until we find a balance between style, character, and functionality. We bring nature, colors, and textures to life by drawing inspiration from our surroundings. We then create metal art and accessories for living spaces that serve as reminders of the beauty of our natural world.

From Claire: The still water of the lake at sunrise is one of my favorite places.  A while back, I saw this hypnotic little neon-red creature alighted on a cluster of umber reeds in the shallow water nearby. It was still, iridescent, and content - what a study in how to live.  I knew we could all use more mesmerizing reminders to reflect on the magic of life's splendor. 

In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that is often referred to has its source in mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life.  We created our  Dragonfly Wall Sculpture to serve as an uplifting cue, a reminder that we are all creatures on a journey, in motion and free to receive the day's gifts with reverence and awe.

Our design process allows us to capture the character and personality of each piece. After initial designs are blocked out on paper, we move into digital drawing and fabrication.  We love creating metal art objects that are timeless and made using the highest forms of craftsmanship and intention. Metal artisans finish each piece by hand with layers of paint or patina.  The finished product will have been touched by many brushstrokes before its completion. 

Creating decorative accessories for living spaces is not just about the motif. It is about an experience. We want to spotlight delight, wonder and presence in people's lives. We believe that the best products are crafted by hand and honor the enduring expressions of the nature world.

The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment to moment.  - Jon Kabat-Zinn