Claire Crowe Collection was featured in a December 2021 article in 360 West Magazine. Check out a little snippet from the article:

"While Crowe is an academic by training, she admits she always wanted to work with her hands. Her family was in the floral business, so she saw beautiful arrangements created on a regular basis. And growing up in Arkansas, she and her mother would unearth quartz and other minerals from the foothills around Hot Springs.

Crowe attended college in Dallas, then raised a family there, including a son who attended TCU in Fort Worth. She launched the Claire Crowe Collection in 2010, featuring the hand-forged metal screens, along with her home accessories such as metal wall art, mirrors, lamps showcasing minerals and geodes, plus other stone accessories. Rich in detail, her work begins with an organic simplicity. “Everything is inspired by nature,” says Crowe, who births each design by sketching it with pencil on paper."

Check out the full article here.

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