Feet up. Fire ablaze. Warm nibbles and festive bubbles nearby. With these things in place, feeling cozy and relaxed is all yours. The fireplace has been a gathering place since the beginning of people gathering. We pride ourselves on honoring this tradition and while we don’t claim to be good at everything, we are not bad when it comes to dressing fireplaces with the perfect fire screen that pulls the hearth together.

Fire ablaze

Fireplace accessories can be both practical and beautiful. They can make a bold statement and stimulate conversation or simply finish a fireplace with a subtle custom detail. Deciding your fireplace decor vibe is a big part of the fun. We offer something for everyone with our fireplace decorative accessories. Our fireplace screens and accessories, all built in our Texas workshops, might be the perfect finishing touch for your fireplace, especially given that we offer the ability to customize your choice. Great news for those inclined toward immediate gratification: we have a wide selection of fire screens at our studio ready to install. For custom orders, just select your favorite design and let us fabricate it in a custom size to fit your fire box opening. Call us for custom pricing.