Aged Gold has that subtle patina that makes everything under it seem snazzier, older - in the vintage way - and elevated. It's just the brilliant, subtle finish that adds that certain depth to a room that never goes out of style.

Its warm tones compliment like colors while highlighting cooler hues. Shutterstock named a version of aged gold as their 2021 big trend – Fortuna Gold. According to color data pulled from hundreds of thousands of images, they identified this tone of gold as a favorite of interior designers and luxury homeowners. The color experts say that it “…avoids the brash and flash of pure gold, instead representing a more historic interpretation of the precious metal.” We totally agree. It’s probably why it continues to be our top selling finish for the last three years.

Aged Gold

“This deep, enveloping color blends the warmth of orange with the lure of gold. (It) is an antique gold hue with undertones of brown, olive, and yellow...and the color of centuries-old coins rediscovered gold statuettes, and precious talismans, this is the gold of the ancient world, intertwined with fortune and divinity.”

We appreciate the way it goes with just about anything. Plus, we love finding ways to highlight this amazing finish and also to discover complementary pieces. It’s easy to source pieces that vibe nicely with our pieces finished in Aged Gold. You likely already have many pieces that evoke the elegance and vibrancy of the finish.

Finding new pieces is also easy, as this finish is hot. From lighting fixtures to furniture, this finish is versatile, timeless and beloved.

“Any piece in Aged Gold is like that perfect piece of jewelry. You wear it every day, it goes with everything and it is the most admired piece in your collection.”

From fire screens to wall decor, there are always great ways to incorporate Aged Gold into your design. Find your timeless treasure with the finish that never goes out of style.