That feeling you get when you slip on a perfectly tailored shirt: that's how we want you to feel when you see your fire screen installed. And while with this order you're taking your own measurements, don't overthink it. There is no "perfect" way to fit your screen to your firebox. It's all about what your style is and the look you want.
Below you'll find some fire screen fit inspirations as well as some tips on measuring guidelines to help you achieve the look you are going for.



First, let's get the measurement of your firebox (a.k.a. the opening where the screen sits). Take the height and width measurements of your firebox opening as shown in the figure above. Try to get specific to the 1/8".
Next, think about the look you want for the fireplace. There's three main styles: Fit Outside the Box, Fit Perfectly With the Box, or Stylistic Fit Not In Line with the Box. See the fit below that matches your style and how to get that perfect measurement.
Fit Outside the Box:
How to get this look: Take your firebox measurements and then add 2" or 3" to height and width depending on preference.
Fit Perfectly With the Box:
How to get this look: Take your firebox measurements down to the 1/8" increment and then send them to us. Easy peasy.
Stylistic Fit:
Not In Line with the Box
This is the easiest one yet. Anything goes. There's no right or wrong answer. Simply provide the measurements you would like the screen built in and we will get on it.