Few things warm up a living space like a fireplace.  Whether glittering with fire or not, it’s a focal point that should be finished with a fire screen. Make the hearth an all-weather centerpiece with a well-fitted and well-crafted one. The fit of your screen is a detail to thoughtfully consider as you consider your options.

First off, relax. Deciding your screen’s size does not need to stressful or vexing.  There is no right way to fit your screen to your firebox; it’s just a subjective decision based on the look you want.  It’s important to take accurate measurements. Here’s how: take the basic height and width measurements of your firebox opening as shown in the figure below:


Think about the look you want your firescreen to have. Would you prefer it sitting just inside the firebox, flush with the opening or overlapping the opening? How much you want to accentuate - or camoflauge - the interior of your firebox or the exterior surround of your firebox might be details to consider as you contemplate the fit.

If you opt for your screen to be flush with the firebox and sit just in front of it, use the original firebox dimensions. If you want your screen to sit inside or to overlap your firebox, subtract from or add to the dimensions of your firebox.  We can offer more detailed instructions or hop on a quick call to discuss, if you’d like.

Additionally, some fireplaces have special situations such as uneven bases or designs that don’t allow an object to sit within the box.  Remember: we are more than happy to weigh in on the topic!  We often work with our clients to customize our fire screens to individual fireboxes. Just ask!

Check out some of our favorite installations below that illustrate how the fit of a screen can transform the look of the hearth. As you can see, there is no one right way to fit your fire screen, so we encourage you to think about what custom fit style speaks to you the most.   We are only a phone call away if you’d like to talk it over.